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Our Club - Established in 1971
The Arcadia Bridge Center is sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League and offers a congenial place to learn the game, play competitive bridge, and provides a great opportunity to make new friends.  We are in District 23 of the ACBL and associated with Unit 559 in the Pasadena - San Gabriel area.

    Our card fees are $10.00

Game Results
This link will connect you to the ACBL website and the results for games played at the Arcadia Bridge Center.

    This is our schedule of club games:  

      Monday     12:00 Noon   Open Game
      Tuesday     11:00 AM  Open Game
      Thursday     7:15 PM  Open Game
      Friday     11:00 AM   Open Game
      Saturday     10:30 AM   Rookie Game
      Saturday     1:00 PM   Open Game

    Need a Partner?
    If you would like to play but don't have a partner, call, please, and we can provide you with one.    626 445-3797
    All of our games are Open games and will be stratified as needed.

    Our Rookie Game
    The Bridge Center has a less competitive game for those players who enjoy the game in a more social atmosphere...
    It's still bridge, and the winners are awarded ACBL masterpoints, but it's a more relaxed game.
    Come and join us on Saturday morning at 10:30.  We are finished by 12:30.
    These are the conditions of play:

    • We use bidding boxes
    • We play only 14 boards
    • No Life Masters are invited
    • Standard bidding only - No Precision nor 2/1
    • Players may not use bidding agreements that require an alert

    Play Duplicate?                                    

    Bridge Library
    Want to read a book to improve your bridge game?  Due to many donations the Bridge Center has an extensive collection of bridge books in our library.  Check it out.  To borrow a book just sign your name on the paper on top of the bookcase in the office and return the book within a reasonable time.  (And be sure to show it to your partner!)

    Diane Gulbrandsen, owner Diane Gulbrandsen, owner

    Diane Gulbrandsen, Owner and Director